Exciting Programs For 1st Qtr 2014

26 Dec

Hi folks,

Just want to give you the heads-up on the exciting programs that we have planned for the first quarter of 2014.

Replacing “GRAVITY Group – Functional Fun” will be “GRAVITY Group – Compound Structure Two”.
Compound Structure Two implements the next level of functional progressions utilising standing lunge sequences, kneeling variations and outside stimuli to create an amazing new workout! You will experience greater challenge through complex movement structures that train balance and proprioception. Additionally, the fluid motion of the workout, that connects exercise to exercise without rest, trains the body for increased fluidity and strength in daily activities.
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Joining in the launch will be “GRAVITY Pilates – Fresh Breath Two”.
This second in a series of of 3 Fresh Breath workouts moves from isolation to integration of muscle groups, starting with focused control and moving to compound movement integration. Fresh Breath Two requires greater demands for strength, flexibility and control. 3D training using all 3 planes of movement throughout the routine, increasing core stability and strength. You will benefit from a renewed sense of well-being, energy and confidence as you begin to move with greater ease and grace in daily tasks and athletic performance.
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On behalf of our partners at Total Gym and GNLD, we at Pilates Body Pilot would like say a big “THANK YOU” to our clients for your support, friendship and trust.

We wish you all a Holy & Blessed Christmas and a happy 2014!

– Chris