Pilates Body Pilot is the first Pilates studio in Singapore to incorporate Total Gym® GRAVITY® workouts into its Pilates classes, Post-rehab and Sports Conditioning programs.

GRAVITY® workout by Total Gym® is an incredible, time-saving and multi-functional innovative bodyweight resistance training exercise program that allows you to multi-task your exercise regimen to incorporate cardiovascular exercise as well as resistance training in addition to the core strengthening exercises that Pilates is renowned for. Its effectiveness is further enhanced and maximised when it is coupled with Pilates as well as the personalised exercise and nutrition programs that we offer.

The versatility of the GRAVITY® Incline Trainer also provides top-notch functional training, regardless of age and fitness levels. You can shed some extra pounds by boosting the rate of caloric burning with the combination of strength and cardiovascular exercise with a shorter time commitment compared to traditional Pilates exercise.

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GRAVITYGroup® Classes, Q3 2018

GRAVITYGroup® – Compound Structure 3

Compound Structure 3 is the final workout in the series building on the concept of compound movements-dynamic progressions that layer upon one another. Expect new challenges that yield improved muscular endurance & body composition. This IS a fast-paced, fat-burning movement sequence, which participants realise their potential for pushing through their limits.

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GRAVITYPilates® Classes, Q3 2018

GRAVITYPilates® – Fresh Breath 3

Fresh Breath 3 is the final segment of the Fresh Breath Series where the progression from joint and muscle isolation, to gradual integration of full-body movements that comes together in a powerful finale of synchronicity, coordination and balance.

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GRAVITYouth® Classes, Q3 2018

Sports Circuit Programme

It engages 10-16 year olds by linking exercises to all sports activities and competition but above all, emphasising the “fun” factor. This is a wonderful opportunity for children to:
– Improve posture
– Gain strength
– Learn healthy breathing techniques

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Pre/Post Natal Pilates

Training on the incline board of the Total Gym GTS, we’ll help the mums-to-be better realign their posture through a series of exercises designed to strengthen and tone your tummy and pelvis. You’ll feel your backache diminished, water retention reduced, and a better mental alertness. You’ll be better prepared for labour and a faster return to pre-pregnancy body after birth.
All training will be done in the GRAVITYPilates classes.

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Private Sessions

GRAVITY® Pilates

These exciting classes create an environment of immediate success for seasoned Pilates participants and newcomers alike. Offering traditional and evolved programs, GRAVITY® Pilates addresses and overcomes the participant’s strength and flexibility limitations, as well as improves core stability and control for all fitness levels.
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GRAVITY® Post-rehab

The need for continued supervised muscular and skeletal conditioning following physical therapy is often essential to ensure a full recovery. Injuries that do not completely recover often become chronic and continue to limit a person’s ability to function as they wish. Total Gym® can help post-rehab clients return to their pre-injury strength and condition faster.
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GRAVITY® Personal Training

Supervised one-on-one sessions on GTS Incline Trainer help save time and money. Members can enjoy tailored training while continuing to receive the personal attention that is important to a successful training experience.
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I first started lessons with Chris at Pilates Body Pilot in December 2014. I had already been attending pilates lessons at another centre to improve my chronic low back pain. Seeing positive results, I was keen to look for another centre away from town to avoid the traffic jams and exorbitant parking charges.
Imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon Chris at Pilates Body Pilot! Conveniently located at Biopolis near the Buona Vista MRT station, the centre runs a whole gamut of lessons ranging from pilates to post-rehabilitation and sports conditioning. Class sizes are kept small and lessons are updated every quarter. But the icing on the cake has to be the practitioner, Chris, himself. With his experience and keen eye for details, Chris was able to quickly assess and diagnose my conditions causing the chronic back pain. As such, he would tailor my lessons accordingly even though I attend a group class and monitors my progress constantly. His personalized approach to each and every student speaks of his genuine commitment to help his students improve. His strong sense of humour also makes the lessons highly enjoyable and the hour-long session ends too soon. The fact that Chris won the Shape Magazine Awards 2015 for “Most Challenging Reformer” Category & Star Instructor Winner is testimony to his dedication and professionalism.
I have recommended and will continue to recommend Pilates Body Pilot to those looking for effective, personalized and fun pilates classes.”
Dr. Soh C.C.
Medical Doctor

“I took up Pilates for about a month and a half. I joined various well-known studios however I didn’t feel like I was doing Pilates. I couldn’t understand the breathing technique and how to engage my core muscles. Although the instructors gave examples and coached me, they were very vague and I couldn’t relate to what they were saying. I felt like I was wasting time. After attending 4 private lessons with Chris and on the Total Gym®, I could understand how to breathe properly and to engage my inner core. Chris taught me different techniques, one of which helped to improve my breathing. I had never encountered and heard of such a method. He also corrected my spinal posture and explained to me what my correct neutral spine position is and how it positively affects my breathing. Chris was very patient in correcting all my mistakes, he taught me by using my stronger visual skills and he never gave up on me. I enjoy attending Pilate lessons here and I never thought I could sweat in Pilates. Pilates Body Pilot has given me a new perspective and a whole new image of what Pilate really is.”
Gloria Ho

“The Gravity Training System (GTS) classes at Pilates Body Pilot have helped me to increase my overall muscle strength and tone my entire body, especially my arms and legs. I like that the classes still incorporate basic Pilates moves to keep my core strong and my spine flexible but the GTS also provides additional challenges that are not available with traditional Pilates equipment. Chris’s broad range of knowledge in Pilates and the GTS is beneficial as he provides continuous support and helps tailor each exercise to each participant in the small group classes.”
Brenda Wood

“Having started with Reformer and Wall Unit classes, Chris introduced the GTS just about when my second pregnancy started. It was a great experience! The incline plane of the GTS helped me to maintain a certain level of fitness throughout my whole pregnancy. It also helped tremendously to loosen up tight muscles from a daily life with a two-year-old at home. Chris precisely instructed in how the exercises should be done. Having moved back to Zurich from Singapore, I am still looking for a Pilates teacher as dedicated and student-focused as Chris is!”
Christine Ruch

“I have been doing Gravity Pilates for 5 months now at Pilates Body Pilot and will definitely miss the classes when I move back to the Netherlands. This is actually one of the exercises that I tried that really resulted in noticeably stronger muscles. It also helped with keeping good posture while carrying my 15-month old. Chris is a professional teacher who uses his great people skills to challenge myself. And all this with a good sense of humour. The Gravity classes have been the perfect workout for me during lunch breaks and I actually felt energized at work afterwards. Chris, thanks for the enjoyable classes!”
Miranda van Beers

“After coming to Pilates Body Pilot over two years ago with a crooked spine and the core strength of a marshmallow, I can’t recommend this studio and its owner Chris enough. Chris’ approach to teaching is fun and precise! Ensuring he knows everyone’s strengths and weaknesses, means he can tailor each class to your needs. His approach to customer service and his friendly persona make each class a joy to attend.
The small groups allow for a personal touch to them. Always selecting the correct postures and movements that will not cause harm to any prior injuries or ailments. Understanding each member’s capabilities and weaknesses is key to making sure each person attending gets the most out of each class. Always on the lookout for fine tuning and correcting poor form, Chris ensures everyone is making the most of the correct Pilates approach. ‘Alignment! Alignment! Alignment!’ will be with you forever!
I have attended Reformer, Wall Unit and most recently, Gravity Pilates classes. Each has their own advantages however I would recommend the Gravity Pilates. It adds a new challenge to the core approach, and can be much more varied. Allowing strength training on major muscle groups at the same time as working the core as all Pilates should. I will certainly be coming back to Pilates Body Pilot whenever I am in Singapore.”
Dan Bunting
United Kingdom