To be in a state of Vitality, we have to be in optimal health. Every second of our lives, our cells are in constant communication with each other. For this communication to be positive, the health of our cellular membrane is very important.Stress from mental and emotional issues, physical pain, digestive problems and environmental pollution can negatively affect our cellular communication. This is where Nutripuncture can help! Nutripuncture is an alliance between Western practice (based on biochemistry knowledge) and the ancient Oriental study of acupuncture and vital currents. ​Simply put, Nutripuncture is like acupuncture without needles, ​using ​trace min​erals to ​help the body fix itself.

The Consultation Process

As a nutripuncture practitioner, before meeting with any client I ensure that I am in a state of balance to ensure you get the best result from our session.At our meeting I will get to understand your areas of concern, pain points and conduct a simple muscle test to prescribe you with a personalized combination of nutris. You will feel the results after just one session!


Consultation session Up to 1 hr 30 min $150-00
Box of nutris Depending on your conditions, a client may require up to 10 boxes $24-00

● Clients must adhere to the treatment protocol for at least 1 month.
● When working with children, it is often necessary to work on the parents as well. If this is done within the same session, there is NO additional charge.