Sport specific body conditioning for golf, cycling, dance and more.

Unlock Your Athletic Potential with Pilates-Based Sports Conditioning

Whether you’re a dedicated sports enthusiast or a seasoned athlete, our specialized Pilates-based sports conditioning programs are designed to elevate your performance to new heights while reducing the risk of injury. Tailored specifically to the demands of each sport, our programs address common muscular imbalances and enhance overall athleticism, empowering you to excel on the field, course, or track.

Cycling Conditioning Program:

Cyclists often face challenges such as repetitive stress on specific muscle groups and uneven development of musculature, leading to fatigue-induced imbalances. Our Pilates-based Cycling Conditioning program targets these issues by focusing on stretching tight muscles, particularly in the calves and front thighs, while enhancing flexibility and extension throughout the spine. By strengthening core muscles and optimizing alignment, we improve gait patterns and the efficiency of the feet, knees, and hips mechanism, fostering a smoother and more powerful cycling experience.

Golf Conditioning Program:

For golfers seeking to refine their game and achieve peak performance, our Golf Conditioning program offers a holistic approach rooted in biomechanics and functional movement principles. Led by our in-house C.H.E.K certified Golf Biomechanic coaches, our customized programs draw from Paul Chek’s renowned “Whole-In-One” Golf Conditioning methodology. Through comprehensive assessments and personalized exercise regimens, we address muscle imbalances, enhance range of motion, and promote optimal biomechanical and neuromechanical relationships essential for consistent swing mechanics and overall game improvement.

Our 8-week Program Includes:

  1. Physical and Golf Biomechanic Assessment
  2. Customized Exercise and Stretch Program Design, integrating Pilates techniques
  3. Holistic Lifestyle and Nutrition Coaching

By combining cutting-edge training methods with expert guidance and support, Pilates Body Pilot empowers athletes to reach their full potential, unlock peak performance, and enjoy lasting success in their chosen sport.

“I started Pilates 2 years ago as I had a frozen shoulder causing pain and limited range of movement. I am also a keen golfer so I desperately needed help to loosen up in order to be able to swing freely. From my first individual session I was reassured that Chris was knowledgeable and a good teacher. After several classes I felt the overall benefits of better flexibility, stamina and a definite improvement with my shoulder. Now two years on there has definitely been progress with my golf swing and a new lower handicap. The studio is a great space and the classes are small which allows for individual attention. Chris demonstrates and guides his students to complete the exercises correctly but he also makes the classes fun so there is a lot of laughter too.”
Roisin Monaghan, Ireland
“My golf has improved. My handicap has dropped by 5 in the year I have been going to Pilates classes with Chris. My drives are 20-30 meters longer and my long woods about the same. I have not had additional golf lessons, just played and practiced in this time so the only change in my fitness regime has been Pilates. Thanks Chris. I only hope my Pilates lessons back in Melbourne are as much fun!”
Ros Chandler, Australia
“I only ever wanted to dance flamenco since I watched the closing ceremony of the Barcelona Olympics in ’92… this dream almost became a reality – until injuries and absence set me back by years. I was just about ready to give up until Pilates Body Pilot’s unique approach helped me to almost instantly shake off the aches/pain, reclaim my health and is rapidly really getting me ready to dance. The lessons you learn in this studio are not just about technique and choreography – so to everyone who has gone through life, got hurt and had to sit out, this one’s for you.”
Laura Lau, Flamenco Dancer, Singapore

“Chris has been the most exceptional Pilates instructor for the 5 years that I have attended his classes, but particularly in the last 18 months as he has helped me recover from a serious knee injury. Chris investigated all the details of my injury and subsequent surgery (9 pins and a plate in my tibia just to start..!) and initially, formulated private sessions to build strength and flexibility. Once I was confident to progress to the group reformer classes, he still kept a close eye on me. He is able to tailor the program to each individual, even in a group class.

His Pilates sessions have not only helped the strength and flexibility of my injured leg but because of Chris’ holistic approach, I have benefitted in my overall fitness, strength, mobility and posture. I am now back on track in a regular exercise program, that includes lots of biking and running, in addition to Pilates, which I attribute to the care that Chris has taken in his rehabilitation program for me.”
Sophie Ward, Australia