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How We Do It


We always research well into the mind and body of our clients to find out their needs. All private clients go through a highly stylised session of assessment to ascertain their body and mind wellness before actual training commences. Personal…

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We teach with improvisations instead of rigid theory. Even though our teachers come highly certified in different areas of expertise, we don’t just conduct an exercise routine for the sake of doing, we make sure our clients understand why. We…

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As our classes are always kept small, our attention is almost personal. We enjoy discussions and open dialogues to facilitate information sharing. You feel renewed and gain deeper awareness of who you are at Pilates Body Pilot.

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About Pilates Body Pilot

We are more than a Pilates studio. Using the Total Gym® GTS equipment, we are the first and only Pilates studio in Singapore to incorporate GRAVITY® workouts into our Pilates classes, Post-rehab and Sports Conditioning programs. We are also the Official Host Centre for GRAVITY® Teacher training and development.
In addition, with our 3-step holistic approach, we'll assess your real nutritional needs through Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® (FDN) and determine just what you should be taking. Our mission is "an integrated holistic approach" to understand why you suffer from your symptoms. We believe there's always a reason behind every action. You can expect to set yourself free, relax and have fun. The moment you let go, you start to understand and listen to your body more. You feel renewed and gain deeper awareness of who you are at Pilates Body Pilot.

Making Excuses burns ZERO calories per hour!

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Pilates can dramatically transform how your body looks, feels, moves and performs. It builds strength without excess bulk, creating a strong, sleek and toned physique.


Working closely with Osteopaths and Orthopaedic Consultants, our Pilates-based post-rehabilitation and corrective functional training is designed for you to be pain-free and have freedom of movement.

Sports Conditioning

Whether you’re a sports enthusiast or a serious athlete, our Pilates-based sports conditioning programs can dramatically improve your overall performance while reducing chances of injury.

Nutrition Coaching

With our 3-step holistic approach, we’ll assess your underlying symptoms through Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® (FDN) and determine what nutritional supplements you should be taking.

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Pilates Body Pilot clients speak candidly about their beneficial experience.


Maria talks about the benefits she’s experiencing using Pilates for her lower back pain and improving her posture.
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Ingrid, talks about the benefits she’s experiencing using Pilates for her back pain from scoliosis.
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Sari, who is expecting her second child, talks about the benefits she’s experiencing using Pilates and Total Gym GRAVITY system for her pregnancy.
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Going to the gym is great for your body, but it's also great for your mind.

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Why “Pilates Body Pilot?”

Pilates Body Pilot promotes a healthier lifestyle with Pilates and Total Gym’s GRAVITY® programs as its core form of exercises and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (FDN).

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Address: 11 Biopolis Way Helios #01-04/05 Singapore 138667 Mail: info@pilatesbodypilot.com Phone: (+65) 6478 9747 Directions: Bus: 92, 95, 198, 200 (Nth Buona Vista Rd). MRT: Alight at Buona Vista station and it's just a short walk.