Pilates Body Pilot works closely with Osteopaths and Orthopaedic Consultants, providing follow-up care after diagnosis or surgery.

We will start with a comprehensive Postural (Static) and Biomechanical (Dynamic) Assessment, to identify any problematic areas which assists us in tailoring a program for you. Our highly trained team will use techniques such as Myo-fascial Release to loosen up tight muscles and Pilates movement exercises to strengthen weakened muscles.

The aim of this pilates-based post-rehabilitation and corrective functional training is for you to be pain-free and to have freedom of movement, finding the cause of the pain and not just treating its symptoms. We have clients who have had extensive injuries such as the following:

  • Back Pain
  • Spondylolysis
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Spondylolisthesis
  • Scoliosis
  • Disc Pathologies
  • Spinal Stenosis
  • Vertebral and Disc Degeneration
  • Hip Pain
  • Pelvic Pain
  • Lower Extremity Pain

… and they have benefited greatly from our expertise in post-rehabilitation, avoiding the need for surgery in some cases.

What People Are Saying

“I have worked with Christopher Chua for a few years now and have found his approach to exercise re-education extremely useful for my patients, during their rehabilitation from injury. He has helped with patients suffering from all manner of musculo-skeletal issues, including spinal disc injuries, attaining excellent results and helping my patients return to a normal healthy lifestyle.”
Paul Bell
The Osteopathic Centre

“Since living in Singapore I have developed a good working relationship with Chris. It’s great knowing that when we refer patients to Chris for Pilates they will be in safe expert hands. By working together we are able to provide a better more holistic service to individuals suffering from musculoskeletal pain.”
Barry McVeigh
(UK Registered Osteopath)
The Osteopathic Centre

“Thanks a million for fixing my neck last night, I was in total euphoria all evening. Feels sooo good!
Chris is THE best neck fixer on the planet!”
Veronique Dartois

“I have attended classes at Pilates Body Pilot for five years now and I can thoroughly recommend the teaching there. I have always found the classes to be friendly and personalized to individual targets. The staff pay a lot of attention to each person’s form, posture and breathing and as a result I have really developed since beginning classes there. I feel fitter and my posture has improved. I would recommend Pilates Body Pilot to anyone.”

More of What People Are Saying

“I came to Chris suffering with chronic pain on my knee from a dance injury that just wouldn’t heal. Now a year later, I can say with confidence that I have seen a great improvement on my body conditioning, core stability and strength. I would vouch for a kind personalized training, the unique way of assessing the body prior, personal needs, the small group classes and friendliness:) I can’t thank Chris and Tze Yin enough!”
Maria P.

“I came to Chris as an individual suffering from chronic back pain for over 3 years, having gone through dozens of physiotherapists and doctors without much relief. In the months that followed, the transformation in my physical state was beyond miraculous. I no longer needed to stretch every single day in the morning to get rid of my back pain, and with every session, my back became more and more stable.

What makes Chris unique out of all the therapists I’ve been to is that he is obsessed with how the human body works, and is constantly re-educating himself, again and again and again. Not surprisingly, Chris is a C.H.E.K Institute and Polestar Pilates Practitioner. As a result, you’re getting treatment from someone who’s at the cutting edge of rehabilitation and physical therapy, not just someone who studied for a few years and called it a day once they got their degree.

The amount of detail he gives in his instructions is what allowed me and his other clients to achieve phenomenal results. He’s able to spot the tiny details that other, more “qualified” therapists have missed, and to give clear instructions and programs to follow that lead to pain free recovery.

What makes his treatment so effective is also the fact that he focuses on quality movement, and not just removing pain. Most physiotherapists will plug in a machine and electrocute your body to help “stimulate recovery”, but Chris instead reads your body, and gets your body moving in the proper patterns to stimulate recovery. As a result, the changes you’ll feel from treatment with Chris can be instantaneously felt right after the session. You will walk better. You will feel better. You will feel your body start to piece itself together to what it was before you injured yourself.

If you’ve struggled with any sort of joint pain, back pain, hip pain, etc and you’re reading this, pick up the phone and call Christopher right now. There is no excuse. When I first read about Chris, I waited for 3 months to call. I regret every single one of those days I didn’t call. Don’t make my mistake, call him, explain to him your conditions and see what he can do for you. He won’t push you into a cookie cutter program from a textbook, but instead will give you high quality, specialized, specific treatment that your body deserves.

Without Chris, I would still be living everyday in excruciating pain. Without a doubt, he is one of the best physical therapists in Singapore, and if you work with him, you will be in great hands. He is an underrated but highly talented individual, and if you are in Singapore and you’re not working with him… you’re missing out.”
Christopher Chia

“I have been practicing Pilates at Pilates Body Pilates with Chris for the past three years. His studio is well-equipped with all the latest machines. Most importantly, Chris has a deep understanding of Pilates and is able to integrate these with post rehabilitation techniques according to ones needs. He has a holistic approach and teaches us to use Pilates in our daily lives and not only in class.
My initial aim was to pursue my Pilates work in Singapore to strengthen my back and keep me in shape as I had done previously in Switzerland and Australia. Chris later guided me through a post-operation phase as well as my first pregnancy (natal and post natal programs), which definitely contributed to my fast recovery both times.”
Portugal / South Africa / Switzerland

“I had done pilates reformer at another studio before joining Pilates Body Pilot. The two required introduction sessions taught by Chris helped me better understand what is proper Pilates. Chris also stressed the importance of using proper breathing in doing the pilates routines rather than using the arms and legs. In the previous studio, the routines were conducted with just instructions given by the trainer.I was never sure if I had done the movement correctly. However, in Pilates Body Pilot, Neuro-linguistic cues were used that best fits the individuals. The differences in the teaching techniques enhanced the effectiveness in strengthening my core and in correcting my scoliosis.”

“Chris is a nag and I am grateful!
He is fixated on breathing correctly; about correctly getting to the correct position; correctly working the correct muscles; correct, correct, correct… so I get the most out of my Pilates workouts with him; and, he does it with humour.
But where I appreciate Chris most is for helping me manage my pain-full osteo-arthritic shoulders. I’ve found him different from other rehabilitation trainers in that he customizes the workout with my special needs in mind and continues to work with me to address them. I have been for rehabilitation training at (another Pilates studio) which within a matter of weeks degenerate into run-of-the-mill sessions – my objectives forgotten.”