Sports Conditioning

Whether you’re a sports enthusiast or a serious athlete, our pilates-based sports conditioning programs can dramatically improve your overall performance while reducing chances of injury.

Cycling Conditioning Program

Just like golf, in cycling there are common pitfalls like repetitive stress on certain muscle groups and the accompanying uneven development of the musculature. Cyclists tend to have highly developed front thighs and tight hips flexors, but frequently without the same sort of muscular conditioning of the back thighs and upper body. That problem becomes particularly pronounced when fatigue sets in. To help counter that, our Pilates-based Cycling Conditioning program stretches tight muscles areas like the calves, front thighs and increases flexibility in extension from the neck down the entire spine. While strengthening the all important core musculature, we pay attention to the proper alignment and relationship of the toes, knees and hips thus improving gait pattern and effective feet/knee/hips mechanism.

Golf Conditioning Program

Have you been frustrated trying to achieve the best address, backswing, or follow-through posture? And that buying more expensive clubs or working with a golf coach yet does not achieve the desired results? The bottom line is most golfers suffer from muscle imbalances (due to the repetitive nature of the game), which restrict the natural range of motion, needed to play a better game. In another words, the “golfer” plays the game! As golf is an athletic game and so the golfer must train like an athlete.

Pilates Body Pilot’s in-house C.H.E.K certified Golf Biomechanic coaches provide customised holistic golf fitness programs. The principles used are based on Paul Chek’s “Whole-In-One” Golf Conditioning and Golf Biomechanic Intensive Certification. To earn the title “CHEK Golf Biomechanic”, a person must first demonstrate extensive knowledge of the C.H.E.K System for developing golf performance and be able to address golf-specific conditioning needs. To prove their knowledge, they must also pass a rigorous practical and written exam. This program develops optimal biomechanical (efficient movement of all joints) and neuromechanical (efficient communication between the body’s nervous system and all joints) relationships in a golfer’s body. This allows for effective learning, improved swing consistency, and the ability to play the best golf possible.

The 8-week Program Provides 3 Components

  • Physical and Golf Biomechanic Assessment.
  • Customised Exercise and Stretch Program Design, combined with Pilates techniques.
  • Holistic Lifestyle and Nutrition Coaching.

What People Are Saying

“I only ever wanted to dance flamenco since I watched the closing ceremony of the Barcelona Olympics in ’92… this dream almost became a reality – until injuries and absence set me back by years. I was just about ready to give up until Pilates Body Pilot’s unique approach helped me to almost instantly shake off the aches/pain, reclaim my health and is rapidly really getting me ready to dance. The lessons you learn in this studio are not just about technique and choreography – so to everyone who has gone through life, got hurt and had to sit out, this one’s for you.”
Laura Lau
Flamenco Dancer

“Chris has been the most exceptional Pilates instructor for the 5 years that I have attended his classes, but particularly in the last 18 months as he has helped me recover from a serious knee injury. Chris investigated all the details of my injury and subsequent surgery (9 pins and a plate in my tibia just to start..!) and initially, formulated private sessions to build strength and flexibility. Once I was confident to progress to the group reformer classes, he still kept a close eye on me. He is able to tailor the program to each individual, even in a group class.
His Pilates sessions have not only helped the strength and flexibility of my injured leg but because of Chris’ holistic approach, I have benefitted in my overall fitness, strength, mobility and posture. I am now back on track in a regular exercise program, that includes lots of biking and running, in addition to Pilates, which I attribute to the care that Chris has taken in his rehabilitation program for me.”
Sophie Ward

“I started Pilates 2 years ago as I had a frozen shoulder causing pain and limited range of movement. I am also a keen golfer so I desperately needed help to loosen up in order to be able to swing freely. From my first individual session I was reassured that Chris was knowledgable and a good teacher. After several classes I felt the overall benefits of better flexibility, stamina and a definite improvement with my shoulder. Now two years on there has definitely been progress with my golf swing and a new lower handicap.
The studio is a great space and the classes are small which allows for individual attention. Chris demonstrates and guides his students to complete the exercises correctly but he also makes the classes fun so there is a lot of laughter too.”
Roisin Monaghan